Recycling in London…..

Do you?

I was cleaning the kitchen, after 10 days with 6 messy girls around all the time, on my child's celebration of her 11th birthday, it wasn't an easy task. I left it to after I put Sarita to bed, mainly coz I was waiting for the (even more today) painkillers to take it's course, I was in agony after 2 hours inside the ice rink.

It would've taken me at least half of the time if I wasn't recycling,with all the tuna & beans cans, the zillions of plastic Actimel bottles & similar plastic containers, not forgetting the huge bags blocking my living room entrance with discarded card board (all neatly folded though), paper, another one for the shredder, and different bags for different colour glass….

I remember Wokka telling me a story about how some ppl he knew followed recycling lorries (I think it was for Xmas trees though) and the stuff ended up at the same place as all other rubbish….

Do people in London recycle?

I know there 's a huge encouragement from Camden Council for people to do so, but what I see is families binning the fancy leaflet about the recycling together with all food,plastic and other…

Sometimes I get tired, enraged with the whole human race.  I m particularly pissed of with Richard Branston(does his name spells same as the pickle?) and Virgin bloody media, but I ll moan about them tomorow, otherwise I wont sleep at all -again- tonight.

I'll keep recycling though, it makes me feel a bit less sad about not having been able to change the world in my youth (well, not that I'm old, but, you know) for my daughter to live in a better one today…..

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