Pharmacologycal issues….

I m not even sure about the spelling of the word, but the array of medication I take sometimes need a bit more organisation than I can give, hence my discovery, too late of course, of the lack of Lanzoprazole on saturday morning.

This is a tablet which stop the other tablets wrecking my stomach and digestive system, therefore stopping an enourmous flux of acid (heartburn would be to small a word for what I feel).

I spent the past few days without them (as in this country most surgeries don't work on saturdays) until today, and though I took one as soon as I got them (around 14:00 hs) I m still not entirely well, plus the fact that I had to stop taking more of my pain killers even though I have been in agony, in order to stop feeling worse through my esofagus….oh well.

I took Sarita & Syan to the ice rink again today, to make up for the class they missed (the courses started last week),and I m still trying to gather some energy to tidy up, I m by now quite sure it wont come till the morning.

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