P****O**** with Virgin Media!!!!!

If you are a Brit, you'll know that Virgin bloody media took over the cable companies we had (Telewest & NTL).

I'm quiet sure other people are experiencing problems,I'm here tearing my hair off.

I was already not very hapy with Telewest, but this take over is an abuse to people's inteligence.

They put up my prices without consulting me, are charging for stuff they can't explain (the adviser whom I spoke just cut me off back to music when he couldn't do anything, like use his brain other than read n repeat,confronting the fact that I was right about them being wrong….)

My bill should ve been £53 but is £128.

Now I ve been for a while with BT on the phone, but when your credit check isnt all that….I m not even sure I ll be able to get a line with them (I m, as I write, waiting for an answer on the phone)

I cried a lot.

I rung David and then Wokka, but it's allways like this, lately in my life, there's none to go to, nobody whom I can talk without apologysing for calling for such a mundane issue….I have to wait if I wanna talk to someone abroad (coz of the time difference) and still, hopeless….

Ok, as it goes, I can actually get a line. (and they were quiet quick)

I have written a mail to Virgin Media,though not sure they ll bother that much…

I m depressed now.

The money issue is powerfull, especially if you have lots or very little of it.

I'm thouroughly pissed off.

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