Still annoyed….

….though I can get BT, and prolly would be able to get Talk Talk, which, if I'm not mistaken, will give net for free,I'm still down the issue of the tele….

I know it shouldnt be so much of an issue, but we watch the Disney, Nickelodeon. Hallmark, Living Tv and all those other which one cannot get on a Freeview box…and Sky is a nono here, as they wont install the dish in the top, my flat is groung floor and they have already been here last year, no reception, too much green, trees n stuff…

The worse thing is all the money I owe and isnt only to bloody Virgin, EDF also *forgot* to set the direct debit for the lecky, so all this time I was convinced I was paying, it appears to be I wasn't, I m down 150 something….

I'm not gonna keep moaning, though being able to come n write here takes the edge on my behaviour towards Sarita, poor angel, which brings me to the Carina issue….I did write to her when we came back,she texted and wrote mails, left messages on the answerphone, but I had not very much patience for the kid when we came back…then stuff keept turning up and, for one reason or another, I didnt call….

I need to get a bit of adult convo, socialize…but deep in my heart, I don't want to…the thing is, is the LAM 1st aniversary and MC's birthday on sunday, and I HAVE to go….

should I go with Carina? or get Kai? Should I just go on my own and make ranch with G? dunno, dunno….desitions, desitions…I wish I didnt have to make them right now.

To kink or not to kink…….

ohhh well……

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