Sometimes we forget….

… lucky we are. And moan, complain, even cry (I used to do that a lot, less now, but still).

And then the Forces of the Universe come to remind us, there're plenty of signs, we just gotta open our eyes, keep ears open, everything becomes not just berable, but even pleasant. Like this morning.

I was depressed, why, lots of things are going wrong in my life. And I tend to forget how well looked after I am, how lucky I am that's just my hips which wont work, how lucky I am that I can give my child all my love, my thoughts, lots of food, zillions of outside school education, toys, devices (like got her an mp3 player today), a roof over our heads.

I tend to forget.

I know it could seem a common line, but my heart goes to all the people who are in Georgia, in Alabama, in Africa, in India, Central America, SouthAmerica, the ones who have nothing garanteed in a daily basis,the ones who aren't as lucky as I (and my child, and all the people living in the UK) am.

The images of the tornado this morning were just to remind me of many of my friends in Brazil who work their guts of for the basic salary,the zillions of people all over the world (I dont like to call it the third or undeveloped world,as far as I know, we arent *undeveloped*, just ripped off by the big people, we have up to date technology in Brazil, amazing universities and land, lots of land and produce….it's just the cake is unfairly divided….) who are really in trouble. My heart goes to everyone of them. And I wish I could do more than I have done, so I keep trying, in my own little way.

I still a bit depressed, just the reasons have changed….isn't it sad, that to cure one's depression something as terrible as nature destroying people's life has to happen?


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