The problem with pain….

…is that you can't put it aside.

I spent the past 4 nights sleepless, till yesterday I decided not to take the last lot of Tramadols to be able to sleep.

I did, but not only I woke up at 3am still in agony, but also had a bit of a digestive incident, went back to sleep an hour later, and woke up in agony at 6 am….

Stress also gives a nice edge,like how to stop worrying about the fact that inept energy company EDF didnt register my direct debit for lecky so I owe them lots, and equally inept + mean & rude Virgin Media not just tries to charge me £80 more than what was agreed with Telewest (after stressfull phone convos) but almost gave me a heart attack.

I laughed a lot last night with Dead Ringers though.

I come to realise, once again, that money is the key of all my problems, yes, absolutely all,coz even my current state of health could be improoved enourmously if I had cash.

Oh well….

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