Easy like sunday morning

I use to wonder why the song went like that,as sundays in my life have allways been anything but easy. In the times when working singing, sunday mornings usually would be hang over time,inability to do absolutely nothing all day even, and sometimes worrying about how to do the next show just a few hours away; not forgetting that,if I had a live in partner (which I allways semed to have at the time,) inability to explain her/him my absence for the part of the night after the previous show (yup, I was a wild one then). But things have changed hugely. So I did have an easy morning today, almost one of the easiest days in the past week….

I felt a bit guilty about not going to the LAM today, especially as it is MC's birthday, but Syan & mother werent well yesterday, and only told us after 6pm that Sarita wouldnt be able to stay today, at which time my chances of getting a free sitter were none, of course there was the option of living her here with one of the girls, but I dont feel secure doing it, the most worrying thing was having to drive on my own (I called G and she *elegantly* turn down my sugestion of her picking me up) then I looked into what to wear, I had to my hair…depression started to creep on me, and ended up getting the best of me when I open my wallet and realised I only had 3 quid….going to the LAM means an expenditure of at least £20, and that s just for the basics, say petrol, entry money (it s only £4, I feel like s*** asking MC for a freebie) and a drink…. so I didnt go.

Things went down the drain this week, but I have this feeling, you know, when everything goes totally wrong before something good and new happens to your life? well, I hope I m right, coz I cant take anymore c**p….

Going into a more homely subject, Sarita was here back in time (she went to play out with the girls) for the first time in ages (I said 5, she was here 10 to) and we got to change bedding and general tyding up…having a ball. We danced to Diego Torres , laughed a lot and now everything smells and looks great, which is a relief. She is now sitting here watching an Anne Hatthaway movie called Ella, which is a funny version of Cinderella, with her singing Queen….most of the cast seems to be English, which would explain her doing the Jane Austin (or maybe not, can anything explain that strange fact? ). We watch a movie called Camp last night, which is great if you are on your way of being a performer (or if you are a former one with a child going into the bussiness…).

I still havent got an answer from b***y Virgin Media, but never mind, I ll be quiting the services. Funny thing was, I was flicking remorte control late last night and Richard pickled Branston was being interviewed. Apparently he once said that the objective of Virgin wasnt to make money, but to make a difference, change things. Oh, I m sure it's true, he sure is making a difference in all users bank accounts (they ll find their balances lower than ever after they get their money taken by Virgin).

I m not sure why, but I m feeling good right now….I really hope it isnt only the Tramadol…..



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