…and politians, and laws, and life. I hear many people saying they aren't interested or that cannot be bothered….

I was highly political from age 13. I was involved with extreme left (which, if you know something about the Brazil's & Argentina's dictadures, you ll know it as a synonimous for danger), I was convinced I could make a difference, that if we all got together in a massive armed fight we could get there. Social Injustice, that was the evil of my adolescence (I' m sad when I see people rebeling to nothing but a dress code these days, sadder even when I see this country keeping alcoholics & heavy drugg users with tax payers money, and I m not saying am agaisnt alcohol & druggs, just against them having a good life with someone else's money)

So, politics and laws, promises and commitments,there's no way one can't be bothered.

Lib Dems in Camden have promised no rise in council tax, but to get the money (it has to come from somewhere, how will they pay for their fancy travels in fancy jets & fancy hotels? their fancy clothes & cars & houses? the money Livingstone spent on that tripp to Cuba would've paid for my daughter's entire secundary education in private school), so, as I was saying, to get the money (it's allways bloody money) they

  • close libraries
  • close play centres
  • want to send all single parents,regardless of the young age of children, to work
  • want to cut off help for the disabled

many more cuts (I'd be wasting the whole post if I was to write them all out)…..

So, about this no rise in council tax, the ones who benefits are the people with higher income….confusing? dont you find it? It enrages me. I call Vanessa Feltz & Eddie & Kat's radio programs @ BBC LOndon radio sometimes, just to have a rant, I m convinced by now that I cannot change a single thing. Still enrages me.

It enrages me that my Camden Disabled Badge doesnt work in Westminster, where I take my child weekly to classes, next borough, so difficult to draw the line that I used to get huge fines, it enrages me that there is a monopolio for cable per borough by government law, which may mean for many people who cannot have a satelite dish (like me) that they have to put up with the bas*****rds of Virgin Media or save enourmous amount of money to buy a reciever to be able to have Top Up TV (btw…does anyone know if the boxes for Top Up TV are a reciever or a recorder? can one see the programs at the advertise time, or gotta wait till next day?does one get the whole thing fo the channels or only selected programs?). I could stay here all day.

Instead, I m gonna go try to sort out bill payments & print some pictures, maybe it ll take my mind off it (well not the bill payments, but the prints, as it ll be to redecorate).

Oh well.  



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