Million thoughts….

…and not one word to write. I'm sure it happens to many people. Mind goes 1000 per minute at night, in bed, goibng to sleep, even driving. Now, when I get here, bloody difficult to find the way to put them to words. I was thinking (as I allways am) that if many very young girls with almost nothing of importance to write (like Jordan, for example) write their biographies (and people buy them!), I could have one thing (or 100's) to say, of a bit more importance, but hey…

If I realised back in 2002 that I was gonna stay in the UK, I would ve gone into doing the social worker course. Back them I thought it was too much time, as I have to go into an access course or do a year GCSE's in order to validate my qualifications (as apparently the Britts see us unvaluable, though we leave school far more qualified than your average here), then a two year and another one (I think). That would be something I could do without course at all,I actually guided all social workers whom I ve dealt with when working as a health advocate…but back thenh I thought my hip replacement would take 3 months to get me going, and I would ve been off….that another oh well thing.

I m still p***d off with Virgin Media,I m tired and have been in a lot of pain lately, plus I cant operate a drill, fact which annoys me even more than being in pain. I tried, didnt get evry far, with these walls being solid concrete, now the bit flew somewhere in the room and I dont have the energy to retrieve it. As the PXC was on coz Sarita was on msn with her friends (but left 10 min ago when all the estate gang came in to ours, as usual), I decided to come here see if somethinmg came to mind…

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