…isn't the oppium of the masses (or whetever what Marx said is translated into English, La religion es el opio de los pueblos?), but a very badly written account of thing which happened 300 years prior the birth of the writers,just for the political convenience of Constantine (and the ever lucrative sites for Christian pilgrimage something taken from the imagination of his mum, Empress Helena)….

Well, maybe not all of it, but I m having the time of life since I started reading this book yesterday.

I have no net (hence the lack of aparience here) and spend enormous amount of time waiting around for my daughter after school classes. I also have no money (of course, after paying for all those classes), but charity shops usualy do it for me, especially lately, when all I wanna read about is meaningless crime thrillers.

Yesterday I run out of books, and the ice-skating class means a 2 hour wait sitting in a very uncomfy place, cold,very cold, so I stiched my real fur skin thingy coat (which I got from my cousin) to wrapp round my legs, and left a bit before picking my child up so I could park (without being hung by murder by traffic wardens) in Camden High St.

I knew it would be more expensive than my usual 50p books in less high classy areas, but there was no time for stretching into Kentish Town. And I found this. And I'm almost half way with it, and I m loving every minute.

This isnt anything like Dan brown stuff. This guy Phillips (at least up to where I am reading) is just showing his research, and in doing so he shows the discrepancies of history.

Anyway, appart from that, I m on borrowed time with the net, I had the best mother's day, Sarita recreated a restaurant , all complete with menus and options, cooked lunch for me at the very best bistro's style, made me some beautifull pressies and bought the tulips with her own money, which all made up for the headache and diverses pains I had all saturday, which were diverted by watching two rented movies, which I thought I would get bored to no ends, but as it turned, Take the Lead, some infamous thing with Banderas (whom, I have to confess, I worshipped when younger) telling the story of Pierre Du Laine and his magnificent programs to divert kids from not having a life….one more thing to make me think if I should be moving to the US…..  The other film was Step Up , which was in the same line of thought,and I have to say, I m so glad my daughter does understand the effort I make to pay her classes and the importance of going for it….. 🙂 all crowned by the glorious mum's day I had the following day…..only today is tuesday, and I have to get out of here to get on with life!


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