The fear in parenting….

..which I thought was at it's most in the early years, just showed up at my door step. Or at my computer, maybe I should say.

I normally check on what Sarita does in the PC, but up till a few months ago, it was dressing up celebrities @ paper doll heaven, or going into Disney to see Hannah Montana & the likes of it, the Bratz site and things like that…

Before we travel last year, she started on the messenger, which was ok, as I can control exactly who she talks to (the girls from school, round here,Sylvia Young's kids…) no prob there.

But now she started a blog. I think it's ok, on MSN's sites, just her authorised friends can see it,but I had to go along with it, as when we wanted to get her into Vox, kids under 13 aren't allowed… (maybe we should create an area, giving the provacy settings here, for our children?) but yesterday she got an invite to the IMVU…by a boy. A boy from school, fine, but the fear inside my guts grows by the minute.

I know she is a friend as much as my child, but today she s gone to the cinema, with some kids from school, and I had to make a point for one of the kid's mum to call me to reasure me an adult was taking them there….

Anyway…she looked gorgeous when she left 🙂 and happy…. I suppose is time to remember Khalil Gibran….


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