To kink…or not to kink……?

…that has been the question for the past couple of weeks after C's move. I'm talking about the mingling side of it, as, as you well know if you know me, certain things are hard to die in one's private life. But if talking about the social side of it, the past 2 years with C working so hard, the general state of my health and the mothering requirements….

Thing is, I left the London scene with a kind of tired feeling, but almost 3 years away from socialising takes it's toll, so I finally decided to come out of my *seclussion* ('s that the spelling?) and started getting stuff together to go out this weekend….. and this time I m making myself totally sure that I ll have baby sitting.

Already went online where everyone I used to know apparently goes, and, oh dear oh dear….I almost need a refreshing course into posting online and networking….. but (like every other thing in life) I have found my way. And a sweet nice welcoming.

We'll see.

The start of the week has been great, sun was shining, I had to go back home to get rid of most of what I was wearing, drove with both windows down…..good owmen?

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