Just a quick word…

..as it seems that my mind has gone blank, I have been in a lot of pain for the last 48 hs, to the point of cursing the day I said yes to this bloody hip replacement. I went to sleep in pain last night, but I put that down to my activities of the day, which include the last couple of hours of it driving the girls to the ice rink for their term exam and being inside the rink does not do any good to my bones (or the bits of metal & plastic of the right hip). But waking up this morning with the whole right side of my body in agony, feeling so sick that I couldnt even think of eating until my second lot of Tramadols….my righht leg is the replaced one. I was supposed to have no pain there anymore….

Anyway, Sarita passed with flying colours to level 5, I got a bit stressed with one of the other girls as she is a bit of a bully, but I doubt she will be coming back for next term, as I made myself clear that, if her dad was gonna give her the money for next term, I am more than expecting the money I lent her for this term just gone, which I payed as the kid called her dad from ours, and ended up crying as the dad (typical awayparent wanker) did not want to pay….we are talking about 40 quid for 6 weeks…..hardly an effort for a guy on £50 grand a year….

She (this is Sarita again) also passed her Portuguese exam with top qualifications, the parents meeting was today, I had the opportunity to have a look at the papers, she had 3 or 4 mistakes in grammar, which are al due to her not concentrating a lot, and probably the fact that she feels so confident as she is one of the best kids in tthe class….I have to admit that I miss Laura (the teacher they had till last year, since she start, who has gone back to Portugal…)I can hardly blame her, but we miss her.

I m feeling a bit better now (10:20 pm, after 3 lots of Tramadol) but will force myself to sleep early,dont want to end up smoking more than 10 a day again.

I m sitting here just staring at the screen….I reckon is the feeling of knowing that after saturday I will have no access to the net for a while…some like trying to get the most of it….


I hate pain. hate it hate it hate it. 


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