Spooky things…..

…going on in life again.

I wrote (think it was the last post, not sure) about organising to go out the weekend….well, there s some plot in the Forces Of The Universe which is designed to stop me having a social life. I don't complain about my life in general here, as I reckon I have a real good one, really, I was just determined to get out a bit, but I spent thursday night with high temperature, woke up yesterday worse,and there was no way I was gonna miss the dentist appointment with Sarita, which had been made over a month in advance. So we did go. But I couldnt go to the London Munch, which is a bummer, I wanted to see people and Gina especially. Now I m really having to weighht the pros and cons of going out tomorow to help David at the LAM…

On the oether hand, people from my past (and I'm not talking about British past, but a very, very distant past like my every early 20's) are coming out of the woodwork and getting in touch with me….and what's is so spooky about this is that the woman who read the cards for me a month or so ago had told me about this one too…..

I had very intense relationships in my life, I have to say, even if it sounds a bit arrogant, with very amazing people, not only good looking ones, but really full on people, but this girl who just mailed me was one of the most important, long term ones. I hadn't stop trying to find out about her, as we parted in a weird way, I knew she was in Italy at certain stage, I think someone said she got married and had a baby, but never in the 20 something years since we parted I had stopped thinking about her…..well….

I ve got a mail today from her.

Now onto more terrain issues, my bloody hoover broke again.

I m gonna go laydown again, I just came out of bed (where I was after a shopping tripp to Kentish Town with Sarita and next door Lauren) as I came here only to have a look at John Lewis's hoovers, but I think that good all Argos catalogue will have to do….

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