I m not sure what I beleive in these days. My mum being arabig (well, Syrian), I grew up trying to fight the concept of superstition (which, if you know my mother, will mean having around blue ribbons, open hands hanging round your neck (pendants), everything happening on the 5th day of the month, and Godforgiveifyoudroppthesalt, things like that)

I do the stuff, just in case, in an unconcious move, (I grabb a bit of the salt I dropped and throw it over my left shoulder, wont pass the salt @ the table hand to hand,open my hand showing my 5 fingers if someone I dont believe to have a very good energy starts talking about how gorgeous, healthy, intelligent my child is or touching her head (that, the head thing, I got it from another mother of mine, minha Mae de Santo em Niteroi, Mae Jandoia 🙂 my Mother of Saint in Rio, Jandoia, to who's terreiro I used to attend in my 20's, following the Candomble Religion)….but do I believe seriously in these stuff?

I really don't know.

The woman who read tarot for me back a couple of months ago told me a lot of things which are happening, but the power of sugestion over the kind is unknown….


Sarita isn't feeling well so I ll be going now..may come back later….

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