The past…..

…is making an appearance in my present life, chronologically. I mean, Marta first, Sandrita after. Very, very crazy.

My present life doesnt want to give me a rest with health issues, this is the fisrt minute since the day started in which I can think of something other than pain, as it crept in the night sleep in the form of that gum infection….I did bongela, spent the whole day with an ice pack in the left side of my face, almost crashed the car taking Sarita to Portuguese class, so I decided to take another lot of Tramadol….and I was even able to have dinner!!!! oh relief!!!!!

Sarita didnt go to school again today, as she herself wasnt well last night, but she felt better later and decided to make it to Portuguese class….only to find that nobody, not one of the other kids went….

The teacher gave her the class anyway, she said it was the other kids loss, as if they didnt have responsability (well, the parents) it wasnt her fault…

We cooked together, bangers n mash with onion gravy, the bangers being quorn ones, as to keep into the lower cholesterol stuff. She makes a comment…eu adooooooooooro quando a gente cozinha essas meals rapidinho, juntas, e sai que nem restaurant food…..

(which translates into I adoooooooore when we cook these quick meals, together, and they turn up like restaurant food)

which made me tearfull…but that was to be expected, after 6 Tramadol capsules in 7 hours….(not that my middle name isnt Emotional! lol)


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