Vox Hunt: Things Left Unread

Book: What book are you most ashamed you haven't read?
Submitted by Byrne.

I have to say, I m not for the concept of shame, at least when speaking of this kind of thing…

I can find thousands of things people could be ashamed of, like a mother not loving her child, people having children coz *they dont agree with abortion* and then neglecting the children,

people who betray other people, dishonesty, cruelty for the sake of cruelty, social injustice, war….

those are the kind of things I think one, people, humanity should be ashamed of….

I dont feel ashamed of absolutely anything I have done in life, embarrasing moments, maybe, but shame is something that I don't relate to….

If you (me, whoever) are feeling ashamed of not having read this or that book….go get it and read it….?

Still, I find the concept of being ashamed of not having read a book is the product of an uniformed soviety, which sucks…..

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