I can’t believe…. (I love Vox)

…that I have just spent over an hour browsing the groups in Vox….

(joined some too, but my techie knowledge obviously didnt post to the groups, but here, or maybe not, dunno)

It's amazing the amount of groups and the diversity of titles….

One that I really couldnt believe was the *none cares what you had for lunch, 1000 ideas for your blog*

Now, I thought that the whole idea of blogging was to make a record of one's life, being one's adventures, one's ideas or ones'rants….but …well, obviously some people differ.

I did have a bit of a hard time when I started blogging as

  • I didnt think I could write well enough
  • I didnt want the rest of the world reading my most intimate thoughts

I didnt think I was interested in anyonelse's life either, but Vox prooved me wrong, as I have found you guys (and I'm so glad!). I have to say the privacy setting are key to the whole thing, but then again, if everyone was blogging only for the chosen ones, I would ve never found these wonderfull others in my neighborhood….

I have to add that this isnt my first experience on the net (even if it looks like). I had a few years on which I got hooked to chat rooms and got on meeting lots n lots of ppl from the online world, and then got very disapointed. Since then, I tried hard to find a place where I could feel comfy to blog for my daughter, something to leave a record for the future, and been to many places untill I was invited to be a tester for Vox (yup, believe it, I registered and started at LJ but never quiet past from first post….)

So, I guess if I ever get on with writing my book, I ll give a percentage to the guys who keep Vox like this… 🙂

The only thing which is missing for me, is that my child can't come to blog here till she is 13….that means another 2 years…don't you (people with kids) think it would be a good idea (given the great privacy settings Vox has) if our children could come blog here? 

Now am gonna go to my midnight picnic in the middle of our living room, which Sarita has expertly laid with Melba Toasts and spreads galore……!

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One Response to I can’t believe…. (I love Vox)

  1. rachel says:

    did you join the voxaholics group? i created for those of us that find ourselves deep in the trenches of exploring, posting and commenting! 🙂

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