QotD: Life Was Never The Same

Tell us about an event that changed your life forever.
Submitted by Miss Scotch.

The birth of my child, Sarita, in 1996.

I used to laugh or dissmiss my mum's comments of how maternity would change any woman's life….

Thankfully, my change was enormously positive, as I was 36 (turned 37 in her first year of life) when she was born, and had done more than my fair share of crazy stuff, worked nights, drunk all the spirits my body could take, partied till I dropped (well, actually, partied till the places closed, then drove all my friends each to their homes, then I dropped…), travelled the world (which I still do with my child)……

But it happened. I changed in such a huge way, it's impossible to put it down into words. 



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