Vox Hunt: Fine Art

Show us your favorite work of art (fiction, music, sculpture, painting, architecture, dance, etc).
Submitted by Dean.



I really dislike to have to make choices into such huge stuff like this or music. Maybe I am terribly eclectic, but talking about art, many periods fascinate me, starting from ancient art (Egypt would be one of my devotion, but Mayas, Aztecas too) to the surrealists.

Having to choose depends a lot on what are we choosing for.

My fav period would be the Renassaince. I love Michelangelo and I cannot describe with words what I fel at the Sistine Chapel, especially knowing he didnt want to paint it.

I also remember being bullied when @ Fine Arts school for liking Botticelli (and Vivaldi), the group I used to hang round with didnt think it *cool* at the time.

But I m also in love with impresionism, though Van Gogh wouldnt be my choice, I 'd be more inclined to choose Degas (maybe coz I'm a frustrated ballet dancer?)



maybe this isn't his best (or my fav) but it's got something that makes me feel home (but here again, it's impossible for me too choose one)

Monet & Manet come to mind,

I also love Lautrec, Mucha & Gustav Klimt, MC Escher and have a total adoration for Magritte. Like very much Dali & Khalo, but would never put up a piece of neither of them in my walls…..

Can't choose, actually can't carry on here, as more and more artists come to mind by the second!!! 







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