…are a terrible thing. I, of all people, know. I have an addictive personality, when I find something I really, really, like, I tend to overdo it. Like in the past few years, crime books, for example. And now Vox.

Two years ago, my friend Wokka introduced me to Fotothing, and that was the start of my (even if not much) learning to take better pics. It was like heaven, as I have always loved taking pics, and Fotothing was full of people who, though being amazing photographers or amateurs, would come to comment and give you a bit of incentive, even teach you how to do stuff…but then Wokka went to Flickr, and I started Vox, and Vox has a good marriage with Flickr, so I got my own Flickr.

 I know I am not very good, and to some people who are childless, the subject of our offspring, over and over, can be tireing, but it's not very encouraging when nobody posts anything, though I post mainly to have a place for my non-english-spoken family to go have a look at what we are up to in pics, I know the others Flickers go see them, but dont comment (you know, there s that thingy about how many views a pic had). Not encouraging at all.

Anyway, I was on the subject of addictions. I had many in my life, most of them very expensive.

In december 2005, after I came back from hospital's last operation, I decided to get my bills down, in order to be able to travel more (which is another addiction of mine). Started to wear a lot more socks, leggings under trousers, polo neck shirts with 2 or 3 jumpers, instead of making the flat the perfect Tropical House (and here I remember Andy, Sarita's dad, & 10 years of complaints about it…). Gas bill went down, quiet a lot. Victory number 1.

Then I realised that, when turning all devices & aparatus off the plug when you are not using them, will not only save you money on your lecky bill, but also contribute to help saving the planet of global warning and the effects of human abuse. There is also the fact that your washing machine (well, at least mine) wastes less electricity when you wash on 30 degrees, and cleans exactly same as when you do on 40.

So I started to unplugg everything.

To turn my PC on, one has to bend to the back of it to switch the plugs on, to the skarting board. And if you are me (after 4 failed surgeries in a born dislocated hip) you don't really want to do it. Unless strictly necessary. So for the duration of 2006 I often asked myself if the broadband connection was worth it. My lecky bill went down a LOT.My arguments with Sarita about who was using the PC too. Victory number 2.

With the savings, I took my mum & Sarita to Paris in feb 06, Sarita & Mia to the Haven's holiday caravan park thingy in Colchester in Easter (also 06) to EuroDisney in july, We also went to Mary Poppins and LesMis, I was finally able to afford Sylvia Young's classes (the three subjects) for her, also private singing classes @ VoxBox , not forgetting DaCapo where she was doing violin and music lasses (which I had to stop this year as 1.they got more expensive even and 2. I was in no condition to drive her on sat mornings). The last big thing we did after I started lowering bills to the minimum was going to Brazil & Argentina to spend the Xmas hols with the family in great style.

But sometime last year, before we travelled to SouthAmerica, a friend whom I had not been in touch for some time introduced me to Vox. Like all big time addictions, it wasnt a straight dive into it, but falling in love slowly (which predicts a longer life to said love/addiction). In the begining I was satisfied, as, finally, after many tries with LJ, DiaryLand and many others. Vox had privacy settings, which meant I could rant freely, write about the stuff which some people in society aren't supposed to read, post pictures without paying, and, above all, you (well, me) did not need to be techie wise to have a nice looking blog. So, as I said, satisfied.

Still I thought that public blogging was a bit of a no no, I mean, how exhibitionist does one need to be to wanna share your intimate thoughts with the world? (Yeah, I know, I was terribly exhibitionist till couple o' years ago) But I was writing for Sarita, Vox has the privacy settings, no problems there. But then I started noticing other people's blogs.

You know how every time you click Save after composing a post,it shows you the fresh public posts? Well….

…that was what brought me back to my lost love for the computer, the editing pictures and trying to learn a bit more about Photoshop, the interest for other people's lives…and got me addicted. And that got me thinking about the public blogging thing….as if they weren't posting public, I would have never find the great witt and wisdom of all my friends list….

During 2006 this computer wasn't turned on for more than 2 or 3 times a month.

Yesterday I had to make an effort not to get near it.

If I was religious, I'm sure I would be including my list of friends from Vox in my prayers every night (as I'm not, I think of them instead in a very nice way, and worry about how life would be treating them…)

Today I've found a way in which my right leg wont hurt too much after an hour @ the PC. (the left hurts all the time, no matter what I do).

I am totally addicted.  Totally Voxaholic.

But now I'm gonna go, otherwise my body wont answer when I need to cook my child's dinner. And I maybe still getting addicted to stuff, but have now learnt about responsabilities (or is it the fear of pain? never mind)

I know I will be back later…. 🙂


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