Vox Hunt: Show and Tell

I know I am late, but I'm more interested in yesterday Hunt than today's (and I didn't turn the PC on yesterday…)


Show us a picture of where you'd like to live and tell us why you want to live there. 



Trancoso, Porto Seguro, Bahia, North East Brazil.

Praia dos Coqueiros

I have lived there for a couple of years (or a bit more actually), and I'll be back , for sure.

I only wished progress didn't wreck places in the process…..as the Trancoso I saw 20 something years ago was not the one where we moved with Andy & Sarita in the late 90s, and even more not the one we saw end of 2006….

(if you wanna read more, chase tag Trancoso …. )   :) 


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2 Responses to Vox Hunt: Show and Tell

  1. trancoso says:

    Now imagen 2011 … i was there this summer and it’s becoming more and more a place for “the rich and famous”. Where is the time that this place was ruled be hippies?
    They call the place “hippie-chic”, when was hippie related to chic anyway …?

    • Hi Simona….I’m not sure if you realise the post is old, brought to WP when I imported my old blog in Vox to here….
      The post was written in 2007 and I was ALREADY complaining.
      Now, having sad that, I have to add:
      But Trancoso was ALWAYS a place for the RICH AND FAMOUS…..because it was a place discovered by RICH hippies….the fact that they had money didn’t make them less hippies…this was in the very, very early 70s in which I imagine you weren’t born already.
      It was the very rich and the famous (like Gal Costa & Elba Ramalho, Brazilian singers, just to name a couple) which made the place of interest for others to get there…there were no aeroplanes, the journey was a very, very trying one of almost a whole day travelling from Rio de Janeiro, by buses or just by lorries or truck asking for a ride…so either the ones who had the money or us, the adventurous ones who wanted places who weren’t polluted by cars, electricity and the hand of progress who were able to get there.
      I lived in Arraial D’ Ajuda in the 80s, and Trancoso was already a more expensive area….but the whole region had not many places that had electricity, there was no processed water (we drunk water from the river in the 70s, am gonna be 53 soon and none of my health issues has to do with the water…lol)

      Hippie Chic because the first one who got over where…well…hippies from Sao Paulo, then the Germans, Swiss, Italian came in mass….and they here people whose money was of incredibly high value in Brazil at the time, they loved nature, wanted to leave the city….they had long hair and dressed like hippies…because this was the very early 70s.
      Hippies don’t exist anymore….I rather not enter that one, because I was a real hippie and I get angry talking about it. LOL
      …and Trancoso has turned into what every little village turns into when *progress * gets there : a place full of drugs, crime, expensive to the point that the natives find it hard to get along….I still have family there, and we can carry on the convo if you want….but Trancoso is like any other place in the world.

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