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Easter hols, no money, no energy, lots of pain, no money (again, no energy (again).
For the first two weeks I wasn't that worried, going to sleep very late (like after 3 or 4 am), waking up late (after 1 pm). We'll go back to sleep 9:30 in the last week of the holidays, I kept telling Sarita, no worries. We do enjoy sitting together late, watch telly and laugh or just talk about life.

There was also the fact that she had to start the Ice Skating course again on monday, she had to change routines.
But sunday came and found us (as usual) feeding a girl from Portuguese class (whose mum is in full health, lives with hubbie, own the place where they live,have a people carrier posh kinda car, but it is me who brings the kids back from the classes) and the sleepover thing came up…..bringing the issue of the lil sister the day after….to which I denied any responsability whatsoever, but as the mother never once, not once in the 6 phone calls she had with her child (as the line kept falling, causing me to spend more money even), as I was saying, not once did she ask to speak to me, oh well, I thought.

They were happy (Sarita and friend, though I imagine friend's parents were happy too not to have to come pick her up or feed her, therefore saving money and energy)  and I love it when Sarita is happy. At midnight I kindly suggested it would be better to go to bed,
as Sarita has Ice Skating tomorow evening…..
My ultimatum was at 3:28 am.

The kid woke up before 8am, was back before 9am (with lil sister).
I refused to aknowledge anything going on, submerging myself under my duvet, not even coming out when Sarita sent friend to offer some scrambled eggs she (Sarita, but of course) had made for breakfast/lunch.

G came later with Mia & Ellette, and I see my child screaming she wants to be a teen-ager. (She actually means she wants Mia's body, flat tummy & tities, to which I answer -all in due time, my dear- ) She hasn't seen Mia for almost a year, luckily Mia has grown better brain cells together with tities n hips (she allways had a flat tummy).

I was happy to see G, and happier that she got maniac in the kitchen, almost made lunch herself, and washed frantically after every thing which was used. Not only I dont get many visitors lately, but the ones I do get normally leave a trail of destruction after them.

Portuguese'friend's mum come sto pick the kidies up, I (but of course) do not move from my armchair. G does her best G's impression, I m a bitch, I m not nice, I like none  , which doesn not seem to scare Portuguese friend's mum (who is Brazilian, btw,) who carries on chatting standing up in the middle of my living room. Finally, she decides to live (I think it had something to do with the kids outside and G standing up from where she was laying down, in my settee, so the sight of a death-white-skin- tattooe-covered-mean-eveiled-eyed- girl shouting her lungs off, you'd have leaved too). G decides to leave after them, as Letti was tired and you do not wanna drive on the M1 with a tired whingy 3 years old, I got to get ready to drive to Ice Skating.

Everything was kinda fine, one of the teachers (who wont smile, wont talk, wont compliment anyone normally) even came to talk to me, asking me if she was right on thinking Sarita is my daughter, and, to my confirming the fact, she adds… she is reaaaaaally good, you know????????  Wow, thanks. Off I go to the car to find some loose change for the vending machine, only to come back (was the end of the class) to Sarita in tears, she just felt in the ice…

Offers of first aid from the instructors and watchers from the Centre were stubborny denied by Sarita, who kept hugging me and asking to go home, so we did.

I offered to open the sofa bed in the living room, so we could watch TV and I could keep an eye on her, just in case.

She was (she is) fine. But we still are going to bed late, waking up late. I am in a lot more pain today than yesterday, but don't want to take more Tramadol.

The Gloves….. are there to protect the fake nails I allowed her to put on saturday.

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