QotD: Nip/Tuck

Have you ever had plastic or elective surgery? Did you tell anyone? Why or why not? 
Submitted by Beth Punches


I had a nose job, as soon as I turned 18.

Did I tell anyone? well, yes. everyone around me knew, at the time, as I had been waiting for it since I was 14, but my Dad insisted he wouldnt let me do it till I turned 18, but then, he was paying for it…..

It was a brilliant job though. Not obvious, to the point that when I tell people who have recently met me, they can't believe it…

If I had money, I would start fixing some stuff now too…..


Edited to say: After reading Goddes Of Cynism's answer, I thought I should expand…

I had that nose job aged 18 (but then again, my parents are Syrian, and I had *that* nose), but after I used to slagg off people who talked about face lifts and liposuction….also was very, very proud of my scars ( my hips are covered in them) …after my 30's, I started thinking seriously that I could ask the NHS here for a corrective when they finished my hip replacements (that was coz I should ve had both replaced, but as the first went wrong and I'm tired of them opening me up again, I wont let them touch me again)….

After my 40th birthday, I started thinking seriosuly (again) about Liposuction , my daughter was 3 and I couldnt loose the weight, and I like food….

Now I'm aproaching my 50th….I really, really wish I had money to have a face lift, or at least to pay for some facial treatment ….

So, it's true, you know, that saying that, If you dont hurry to change the world, the world will change you!!!!!!


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