Vox Hunt: I’m The DJ

Audio: Congrats, you're the radio DJ!  What six songs are in your first on-air set?
Submitted by LeendaDLL.

Ok….so here is when you'll realise how old (though maybe not so *demodee* as youngies keep recording new versions) I am….

I normally pick songs depending on what I ve gotta do, like, we normally clean the house to the sound of Cheetah Girls (only way to get Sarita up n running!), and as I'm feeling quiet good today….

  1. Love's in need of love today                  - Stevie Wonder
  2. Carey                                                 - Joni Mitchell
  3. Black Boys n White Boys                    – Hair (the Musical)
  4. Aint No Mountain Higher                      – Sister Act's 2 kids n Whoopy version
  5. Touched by an Angel                           - TV's theme, Della Reese
  6. Where Everybody Knows your name     - Cheers TV theme song


I m devoted to both S.Wonder & J.Mitchell, musicals are a passion, and lately I have become addicted to american TV……oh well…..



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One Response to Vox Hunt: I’m The DJ

  1. Ms Genevieve says:

    I love the Cheers Theme Song! And I'd almost forgotten about Touched by an Angel…that was a GREAT Show!

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