…..has allways been a big word to me. I had times, when younger, in which I was surrounded by many people. I have learned the real, deepest, stronger meaning of it with time, growing up, getting disapointed, sometimes realising how lucky I was I have kept the very few over the years, over distance, over differences.

A few years ago, in 2003, I realised how superficial the ties I had with a bunch of people here in the UK were, as when my hip replacement went wrong, and I had to be taken into operating theatre many other times in the following 6 months, and I started depending on people's help, most of them disapeared.

But yesterday I had the biggest disapointment in ages…..I cried, like I havent done for a while.

I'm not gonna write about it though.

This morning we had to wake up early (well, at 9:30am) to go to Sarita's secundary school's appointment. It was great, despite the fact that we didnt go to sleep until almost 4 am, first playing @ Paper Doll Palace, then laughing, remebering stuff from our life in Trancoso. We didn't wake up untill 10:50 (of course), but we had breakfast, I drove without killing anyone, even remember to call the school to ask them for a parking space, the girls at the registration table didn't stop smiling and commenting on how beautifull her name (Sarita's) is, the teacher who saw us is the Head of Literacy, Spanish and French tutor, very, very nice guy (I couldnt help but having a thought of Zee, then put it out of my mind, this guy was actually very nice). We had a look at the works displayed in the halls,most of which I would've  to be able to take home (especially an art-deco clock), got in the car and drove off……to Curry's electrical.

Retail Therapy, my friends, works. And how well it did today for me, I have no words to describe, so you'll have to see for yourselves when I start posting the pictures I have been taking with my new Nikon D40.

It's the first time I am able to buy a Nikon in my life, a long,long due fullfilled dream from my teens.

It may not be an impressive camera for many people around here, but for me is a huge thing. And it kept me busy, mind away from the sadness of last night.

And now I'm gonna stop writing as I need some rest.




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