Sleep depravation…..



…can be dangerous. As is lack of food intake for me. So I'm not in a very good mood to write. Lauren stayed over last night, we took a lot of pictures, as Sarita inherits my Kodak easy share, laughed a lot too, but they kept me up 'till 4am and then I couldnt sleep till much later. Worse was that I had agreed to drive them to the cinema to watch Blades of Glory…. and I did. I have to give them the credit for my breakfast in bed, flowers and all. I had some time in the afternoon when I felt almost good, but that was driving, with the sun shining and the music blasting….

I don NOT wanna think about tomorow, Sarita's bedroom is a battle camp, Syan is staying over tonight (why is it that I am the only mother who hosts them?) and back to school after 3 weeks on monday…..lets leave that to worry later.

So, here is my new baby


As I said, Nikon D40, maybe no big deal for most of techie wise ppl out there, huge one for me.

Now I am gonna go, before pain takes over again.


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