Being Gratefull for what we have….

….is something we don't usually do, we tend to get caught in the daily social injustice moaning 'n stuff, at least I know I do, but in the past few weeks I have been reminding myself of how lucky I am.

We still have no net at home, I'm accessing at the public library, for free,but there s a limit on time, and there s also the fact that I cannot put my legs up from time to time, therefore my absence in Vox. The good side of things is that I have been sorting (or at least trying to) my problems with my consultant and the hospital, hopefully will get some answers.

One nice surprise I had today when I logged into Vox was this beautifull piece of writing from R.G. Ryan, which brought back to mind something that shook me out of inercia and moaning. It was, funnily enough, a TV program called Weddings from Hell.

Sarita had gone to sleep, it was last tuesday if I'm not mistaken, and I ended up crying together as a gorgeous 30 something woman, mother of a teenager told us the story of how her wish to get to church (she was marrying an also gorgeous man) in a motorbike instead of a car, got her two legs amputeted by the paramedics, just around the corner from church…….

We watched it all, as her friends were recording everything from behind, in a car, as the bike's engine parts chewed her dress first, then her legs, and she ends up sliding slowly, no clue of what was going on, finally the seat falls, 999 is called, she decides to free his husband to be (as I wasn't anymore the woman he wanted to marry she tells us), who decides to stick to her and wants to marry her regardless. She agrees to it, but, even having been told that people who loose both legs rarely walk again, we see her on her physio efforts and, 18 months later, entering church, beautifully supported by family and her two prothesis, walking. She later had her first dance. Beautifull. Inspiring. Stop moaning, I said to myself.

So I did. I told Sarita the story the day after. We achieved more last week than in the past two months all together.

I don't have much time left here.

Fighting off sickness.

Having the most beautifull (intelligent, talented, funny, companion, sweet, crazy)child on earth (excuse me, mums of the world,but yo'all know how it is ), my daughter, my Sarita.

Having caring parents, loving family.

Having friends, beautifull ones.

Having the use of my legs, still.

Living in a beautifull country.(though away n far from my family…)

The list goes on and on…..

Gratefull for what I have, gratefull for what I am.

I am, most defebetly, Gratefull. 🙂



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2 Responses to Being Gratefull for what we have….

  1. that was well written also. thanks. 🙂 it's hard to be grateful when dealing with stuff takes up 23.9 hours of the day. but it's not impossible.

  2. atomicapril says:

    again ms p,you floor me with your wisdom. I wish i could be there to give you a big hug!know :*you are strong, and remember what worked for you before to bring your life where you wanted it to be.know,*when you feel like your life is too full, that most of it is your heart so full of love its taking up the room in your soul so the pain and sorrow doesnt over come.know,*you are loved and adored by someone YOU created, and the wisdom that lies within them.know,*you are loved and adored by others, and that you are an amazing woman, who has endured the most ravenous of storns, and can over come obstacles, hiccups or anything that gets in her way with outrageous vengance:)You are you, don't change.I miss you..xoxo

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