Update without net!

The not having net at home is something I thought would be a catastrophy, which actually turned out not so much of (a catastrophy). The rest of my life has been a bit of a stressfull thing, though, and as I do not feel relaxed exposing my most intimate thoughts with a bunch o' people looking over my shoulder, speaking about me in arabig (which I can catch some), I ll leave it for some other time, when I get settled.

I am very little away to going back to work, which makes me amazingly happy.

A mexican angel is in my life, and, I have to say, if I havent met this woman sometime last year, I dont think I would've survived my last week. As it goes, I did. And very well (i reckon)

Her name is Araceli (which means, in latin, Gates of Heaven,this not beinga coincidence, as I do not believe in such thing as coincidence in life). I remeber being a kid in primary school, my best friend my upstairs neighbor, us in different schools, her in private, me state ones, and her best friend at school's name was Araceli…..I have to admit it, children do have nasty thoughts, or at least I did, regarding this girl….but lets move on to better Aracelis….

When I met her last year, she helped me out with something to do with one of Sarita's performances, involving lending me money. I did give the money back, but, for one reason or another, there was a £40 left which I only managed to give back a couple o' weeks ago….and she didnt want to take it! (I made her, though)

But the most amazing thing was when, last year, with me being in rage because of some situation with Sarita and not knowing how to manage it…..she sat with me on the phone for hours, talking me though what she thought would work. She doesnt have children, but I took it anyway, and guess what? it worked.

Now she came back into my life last month when I lost my carer, my best friend and Carina(who's finally listened to my advise and went back to Brasil), all at the same time. She got me a new carer (whom I'm not so sure I ll be keeping, as his brain is more mushed up than mine and he doesnt drive, but, hey) and started sorting my head too….

How do you thank something, someone like this?

I have tried to find the words, in vain.

But it's so great to know that you can count on someone, when you are in curcial physical pain, totally stressed out and very far from your family & real friends….talking about that, I would like to thank all of you who have been writing to me here @ VOX, especially musicchick2 , whose words have encouraged me endlessly and sweetly…..

but all of you here in VOX who have given a minute of your lives to write to me, THANKS!, it s huge a thing to me at the moment 🙂

Now I need to go, but, all things providing, The Forces Who Rule The Universe keeping on my side, we may have net at home soon….

huggzzz to all


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