A question of Faith….

…..in my case, at least.

My net connection has been restaured, and though my pain levels remain the same, my happiness is here.

I have to admitt, I was almost giving up. I had lots of stuff going on in the past few weeks, some of it silly but nevertheless stressfull, some in a more serious tone, terribly stressfull. I have even cried in the middle of Camden Town as I was being bullied by two traffic wardens who couldnt actually speak English properly, but perseverance on faith really works. As I said, at least in my case.

My idea of God isnt the old man with a white long beard sitting in the clouds, but when I came to my very limit of how much stuff going wrong in my life I could take…..I chose to call my parents. First my Dad, then my Mum. Then I asked my mum to light a candle for my grandparents, and I went to sleep (this was last thursday evening,31st of may, I think it would be…) with all my energy, thoughts, vibes, all into the fact that I needed to trust, to have faith….I have a family who really, really love us, even if not that close in physical distance (and is here when I love technology advances in the past 20 years),and that even those who are gone from this life are now somewhere watching out for us…..

I'm not gonna tell you I woke up on friday and my lottery ticket was the winner, but things started to fall into place.

I will come back later to expand on this, as now I have Vanessa and Sarita waiting for me to record them singing & playing electric guitar, mum's duty! 🙂

Again, Thanks for all the mail & phone calls in this past month, both my family & friends are the only thing that keeps me going (oh, and my GP…..!!!!!!!)


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