Vox Hunt: Back In The Day

Show us a photo of you from when you were in grade school.


5 years old cyn
El banquito

as it happens, I scanned these at the local net shop around the corners from my parents when I was there (in Buenos Aires) for Xmas n NY…..

My starting school coincided with me starting walking (as you already know, I did not walk till aged 5) and it was a private English school, called the Leach Institute.

I changed to state school the year after (and then kept changing as I couldnt climb stairs due to medical orders and my parents being so over-protective), the one thing I remember the most is not being able to do PE (or gymnastics, wotever) and sneaking out of the house with a kit, lieying to the teachers to be able to do it, only to be caught, every year…. After almost 40 years after finishing primary school, my memories are a bit blury, but the most I remember being a happy child….



……and this is the lil seat I used untill I was 5 and able to walk…. I would shuffle around in it (and of all this I do have vivid memories….)

The one thing that marked my life: my records and books…no matter where I was or how old I was….allways surrounded by them….





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