all over this:



I have to admitt.

And I'm not the lecherous kind, believe me, especially lately, my thoughts are so not in sex or lust or even relationships, with all the pain I'm in and all the fight I'm putting up to get my working life back……., as a matter of fact, I was almost relived when Carina announced she was going back to Brazil. No much room for sex at the moment in my life,but hey….

….I'm only human.

I allways liked Shakira, remember defending her with a passion when I used to be a lot in chat rooms, some 6 years ago, I think the girl is talented, intelligent (I wish I made the money she makes!) and, from wherever you look at her, absolutely, utterly gorgeous. And she is a latina, so, unidas venceremos.

Beyonce I got to know more through Sarita's liking of her, and I have to say I loved her in Dream Girls (though our DVD player was broken and we prolly watched half of the movie, as it was jumping entire scenes…)

As you may know, I'm not a ravenous dyke, I like some boys, sometimes, but my passion and love for women is more than rewarded by this images.

Shame the song is lame, with all the money there is to produce these two….they could ve gone for something a bit better musicaly speaking, but anyway, you are gonna have to excuse, as I'm gonna go watch the *dream twins* again.

And again.

And again.



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