I tell you, happiness doesnt last long near me.

I set up everything to print. As it happens, I bought the wrong paper, which doesnt really mattter as it was cheap, and I needed to try, see what happened.

first one was B&W of (but of course!) Sarita, then I did one for my nex door neighboor, Lauren's mum (Lauren is Sarita's best friend, the one in all my Flickr pix), who just had her (oh my!) 6th child. I took some pictures of Charlie (he ll be 2 in october) the other day in the gardens, so I set to print. But (yes, allways but) I stopped the search of the printer before, so the Wizard came up, and, of course, instead of printing full size, it printed a normal lil pic. Never mind, it looked ok. But (again) now the printer doesnt wanna go.

I wanted to print to send to my parents, as I have been trying to send them some home DVD's for a while.

Technology and Yours Trully do not go well together.

I need a secretary. Someone who knows how to operate these machines. Someone who will teach me how to use the Photoshop whithout tearing my hair off. (I spent a good part of this evening trying to compose an A4 doc with Sarita's pics, you dont wanna know)

I m gonna try go sleep.


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