Money ……

…makes the world go round. That's a fact. Joel Grey sung it. We feel it in our skin every day. There's that saying that money can't make happiness, but I'm not so sure one cannot buy a bit of it (with the money, if one has it). One big undenayable fact: I'm allways in a better mood when I have it, coz that means I can buy stuff I need, pay Sarita's classes, give her an intelligent education. And if I'm in a better mood, I'm happy, then we get on better, then I can give her the intelligent education that money can't buy, but I wouldn't be able to give her if I didn't have it (the money) coz that means I would be in a worse mood. Anyway….

I have been saving for ages to get a dishwasher. My kitchen is small (very), so we need a slimline one (meaning more expensive). Thank God for Argos, they have one Indesit, we could have it (delivery & connection included) for a modical £229 (if you don't buy replacement cover, but life has taught me things break just when the cover has runned out, so there). Last week I had the money, but no means to pay it untill my aplication for a top up Master Card was processed, as the only bank account I have is to be used for Social Services to put money to pay the carer, and I have to present account papers every 6 months (it used to be every 3, but I have been such a good girl, they let me off it). My credit check meant no bank will give me another account, after Andy (Sarita's dad, my ex husband) drunk and smoke all my money some years ago. So, as I was saying, I had the money. Then things started happening.

The traffic fine,the flat tyre, the application to exchange my driving license (and having to pay a postal order,name it another £3.89, a return registered post envelope, another £8, the registered post, another something).

I don't like maths, but lets see:

The fine £50 if I pay till thursday, flat tyre cost me a new one, so £49, application for driving exchange was £45 + all of the above it came to £58.79.

Taking that I have spent most of the money for the dishwasher, I set out to Argos today with the rest.

I am a proud owner of a mini food procesor (which was only £16.99 and I have been dreaming about not to have to shake my blender with all my might when making humous, or the wonders of not having to use my injured right arm to grate cheese or carrots), an electric knife (which was only £5.97 and has both normal and frozen food blades) 100 HP semi glossy photo paper sheets and a photo cartridge.

I'm in a really, really good mood.

So there.

Money may not make happiness, but sure can buy some of it!!!!


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