QotD: Roll Call

Who are the last five people you called on your cell phone?






(all options apply)

and many more.

I should be crying, actually.

I call none on a mobile, and also make a huge effort not to have to call mobile phones from my home landline….the way the mobiles eat money per minute makes me sick.

I have the phone mainly to be in touch with my child, in case the school calls when I'm out and about, or if she needs to contact me in an emergency.

I have to admitt, the one I had was lost (or stollen, I'm not sure) and I'm not in much of a hurry about buying a new one, as I havent started work yet, we are using Sarita's one, I have it when she is in school, she ll take it with her if she is out and I'm home.

I have to also admitt that she has been pestering me for a fancy phone for ages. And I have denied it. Together with *heelies* (some kind of trainers with wheels). The 2 and only things I have denied her in 11 years of age.

I use to make great use of my mobile when I was working, and I know as a matter of fact that I will be needing one when I go back to (work), but as I'm making a huge change of proffesion, I would prolly be provided by my employers with one.

I do text, but overall, I can go on for a couple of months on £10 credit….

There was a time in which I did spend an enormous amount of money on the mobile…..I was in a weird relationship, we use to spend hours on the phone.

There s also the fact that, when you are ill for longer than a couple of months, people kinda tend to fade away from you….(or me, in this case)


I dont call on the mobile, unless strictly necessary. I do make a lot (a LOT) of international phone calls though, and that would be at night, late, as I call the other side of the pond, both North & South America, but cost me cheaper to call those countries then making a local call here in London,even from a landline.

BT charges 3p a minute per local call. I pay an average of 2p a minute through cards bought on the high St or the life saver, www.telediscount.co.uk , and now I have Skype , so I talk free to the ones who have a computer, pay a fraction of a penny to call fixed phones…..anywhere on earth…..

Oh, I ll stop ranting.


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