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….o passado esta me visitando, constante, perseverante.





 pra vcs nao preciso falar. So ouve o que ela canta, e o que nos cantamos.

Edit on 21/06, after replying to SM's comment, as I realize it is kind of important….

the girl (well, woman actually) in the video is one of the most famous, talented,gorgeous (and I'm a huge fan, so I could go on and on!) singers in Brazil, her name is Simone, the clip is the introduccion of a show which has the same name of the song she sings after the band's intro, which is Sangrando, meanining Bleeding, and I use to sing it a lot in my own shows, as it describes the very truth (or so I reckon) of every natural born singer….. šŸ™‚

if you have a bit of patience with the first few minutes with the band's intro, I think is worth listening to her, even if you dont understand Portuguese….. 

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