Richard Dadd….


……has appeared into my life.

Funny thing that I have never heard about the guy before, especially if one takes into account that I did go for 4 years to Fine Arts school, but hey, maybe I did learn about him and forgot, it was, after all, 30 years ago when I finished FA school, maybe all the druggs in the past and the prescribed medication in the present just have erased stuff of my memory. Either way, I'm glad that I have found him. In a weird way, I must add.

As I'm skint, and public library is a free service, I have been visiting the local one a lot. They also sell books. 10 or 20 pence, very convinient. And I dont really follow that thing about never judging a book by it's cover. I liked the cover, I turned it round and read a bit about the plot. Mmmm, I thought, this may keep away my own demons. And that's how I came across Elizabeth Montgomery, and she showed me Richard Dadd.


I have to admitt, I wasn't sure if Dadd existed or was a fictional character created by this writer (shame on me, shame on me!), so I asked my dad (father!) when he called on tuesday. He couldnt believe (my dad) that I did not know him (Dadd).

In this book this woman tells me so much about Dadd, that I got hooked on his paintings before even seeing one. Giving the recent events in our lives, I have not been turning the PC on much (except to get a route to get to bloody Walthamstow, dont even ask). But today I finished the book, and found out a bit more about Dadd.

I also found out a bit more about Bipolar, a bit more about *the other world*, a lot more about Victorian London (which fascinates me). It also made want to search more about Bedlam & Broadmoor.

Now I need to go and see his paintings. Now I want to read more McGregor.

 That's gonna have to wait though. So much to do, so little time, so little health, so little money. I had a full on week and there is an equally full on one waiting for me on monday. If only I could get rid of the sickness (as in physical sickness, nausea, which the meds are not working anymore against). But I wanted to say Thank You (again) to all of you, here in Vox, my family and my friends out there. There's a post mortem being done, but we ll have a mass for Nora this friday. Thanks again to all.  🙂




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