Ice Princess

Ice Princess, originally uploaded by SaritaAndMe.

I sent a mail to all my family & friends abroad with a link to this pic, which is Sarita's pride & joy (and mine, but of course!)
So I thought I ought to include it here.

Thanks again to everyone who has been in touch with me with all your support, thanks from my heart šŸ™‚
I'm still fighting with life (I reckon that ll never change), pain and social injustice, but I have a few good reasons to smile and feel better about it….one of them being that, after years and years (like over 10) of fear of the dentist chair I plunge courage and did it (this morning, actually) and I did not feel a thing (after the lil prickles with the needles). My mouth still feels like a rugby balloon, but no pain, and I will have the posibility of not fearing smiling anymore.

I'm battling with the dishwasher thing, as most companies will only install if the water supply/drainage is a meter or less for the appliance, and ours is 1.40something, but I ll do it, just gotta keep looking.
We also choose our new car to be, and we are both very exited about it, though we wont have it till september.
Got some very nice phone calls from all over the world, which brings to my heart the feeling of being inmesly rich, happy, to have the friends I have, to have made the friends I ve made, to have the family I have and the one I have chosen (and in that family I am including all the Voxers who have been in touch with me with so much support…..)
So, life goes on…
Persevera, y Triunfaras!

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