Twit, idiot, brainless….

…still can't find the word to describe the guy who is working for me at the moment , (well was working would actually be the correct tense). I hate stupidity, mediocrity, uselessness. I cannot put up with unintelligent people, especially when I am paying them. I wont tell the whole story (my blood preasure would prolly hit rocket high and I would have another heart incident), but lets say that, after two entire months trying to make him listen to me in issues as simple as turning the switch of the hot water off when you are finished, or how one should actually do a bit of crubbing in the rim of capuccino's cups; I have given up.

I asked him to leave on monday, an hour before his time was completed, as I couldnt deal with the desaster he made of my wall and the fact that he broke the glass on one of my beautifull Ikea frames, (the ones Ikea doesnt do anymore). I said: Go, please, Go.

So he says: OK, should I come at 12 on wed?

Oh well, I dunno, says I, I will give you a call tomorow evening and we'll see, we ll have a chat about all this.

I did not call. "there's allways thursday, he said,if you arent feeling well on wed….." If you cannot make someone understand that they should actually be there when you are NOT well, for a start… I thought I would have another day to think of a solution for the situation (meaning finding someone else fast, as I'm not sure when Marta will be here). I didn't. He calls me this morning:

"ermm, I am just calling to notify you that there is some hold up on public transport in Waterloo, so I wont be making it today……"

And by now I'm tearing the hair of my head.

Fine, so I will confront this tomorrow. A guy who can't drive, doesnt know how to use a drill properly, has no idea how to fix a byke puncture, cant do washing up, brakes something every single time he s here….

Ay Ay Ay.

I had another fall in the street yesterday, to add to my uncomplicated life. 

I have been using the two crutches, to take away the weight of my right bloody operated leg, which shouldnt hurt or weight at all, and with the weather the way it is in London (intermitent rain, wet, very wet streets), I have been sliding along, in pain, the rule of thirds came to apply. (a very good looking guy lifted me up from the tarmac, at least that bit was nice). I ended up with a badly injured knee, an even more painfull hip and a wrecked right arm. And my consultant doesnt give the time of the day. And the PALS @ UCH (the patient liason dept) has been promising to get the referal (for another consultant, another hospital) for almost 2 months. I got an email today, the woman is apologysing, they put her somewhere else, they are *short of staff* @UCH , that new huge building which came from our tax money…..

Right now I wish I could write like one of my neighbors, say like El Paraguayo , I remeber him writing a master piece about his room mate; or the allways genial Goddess , who's elegancy to put sarcasm into words would probably fit more to describe my now hopefully ex assistant. (I remember GOC writing about her experience in Customer Care,and how brilliantly she can make a nightmare be a piece of marvelous reading) Unfortunately, I don't have that much of a gift with the written word at the moment, so I will only say that I am terribly p****d off.

And the side of my mouth the dentist did NOT work on is driving me bananas. The next appointment isnt untill 3rd of august. P*****d Off, big time. Yup. This is one time in life in which I m sure, none would want to be in my shoes…….






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