Vox Hunt: Second Hand News

Show us the best thing you've acquired from a pawn shop, garage sale or second hand store. 
Submitted by kamapuaa.



I have to say, our lives (both my daughter & I) revolve around charity shops, car boot sales, jumble sales and 99p Stores…… with the adding benefit of having two cousins in Argentina who are marvelous, love us deeply, and love to dress up well….only they recycle, give us everything they stop using, so we have an enourmous amount of "second hand* stuff that we did not buy (including Armani, Fendi, D&G, you name it, we have it!)

…..but as both Sarita and I are shoe/boot obssesed, this would probably be the best lately…..

We saw them at a store (dont remeber which one, maybe Gap or some other big name), they were over £30.

Later the same month, we bought them, new, with the soles evidently not used, original price tags n' all, at a charity shop (I think it was the PDSA in Kentish Town) for £1.99 …….

But almost everything you see in our pictures is second hand. I couldnt give Sarita the life she has, otherwise…

and in here I have to thank (big time) my cousins, Graciela & Luly, and their daughters, Ximena & Florencia, and now I think about it, I should write something about them….


Second hand shops, charity shops, free markets, car boot sales, jumble sales, Pound Strecher, 99p Stores, All Rule!!!!

If you are in London, should not forget Primark…… they sell new stuff, right, but identical copies to very pricey stuff, not at all bad quality, and with second hand prices…. (I should get a job with them!) If you are a parent in London and are paying more than £4 for your kids pyjamas……is coz you still havent experienced the Primark experience….you should, trust me!


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