Something about food…..

…home made food. The kind which takes love more than time, the kind that gets you to share with your daughter (or son, or hubbie, or whoeveryouwannabewith, you get the thing…) and teach, the kind that is so pleasurable you can hardly believe is healthy…..

Well…. we had to go into a diet as soon as we got back from SouthAmerica on january, as I had some blood tests and my cholesterol and blood sugra were very high, but not too much that my doctor would put me on meds…..

just try change you diet, she said, it may be difficult now you ve just come from a holiday..but try…. I did. It worked.

Last week I had a series of blood tests again (and I'm lucky that my GP surgery has this Russian woman, Anna, who is highly skilled, as my dad was a biochemist and he would do my bloods when younger, I would deny access to my veins to anyone else…). My sugar is down to normal levels (which was a surprise to me, as though I change into Go Ahead and Eat Smart and Taste the Difference and all that half fat-half sugar stuff, I was eating entire packets of it) and the cholesterol went from 6.10 to 5.5 , which is just a bit above the limit (gotta get under 5), but it is, to me, a huge achievement.

I also lost some weight (which is allways welcomed, as more weight in my case means more pain).

So, here is some of our favs.


We ve got some Youngs salmon filets at a reduced price of  £2.49 (one can buy Morrison's own for £3 quid, same amount in weight, but I love the Youngs stuff…)

I got a pot of parsley @ Asda, which surprisingly hasnt died yet, and some unwaxed lemons. Mixed a juice of a lemon with two oranges (juice, but of course) and the parsley. A bit of black pepper, from a pepper mill (I try not to use salt)

Also from Asda, 2 organic sweet potatoes, cuts in quarters, put them in a bowl with a tablespoon of olive oil and a table spoon of Worscetershire sauce (which, rightly enough, most of SouthAmerica calls English Sauce). Baked them for about half hour, gas mark 6.

Meanwhile we heat the griddle pan, very hot, put the fillets, brushed with olive oil. Cook them for about 10 minutes each side, when done, set them in the plates. Pour the juice mixture into the griddle pan and let it bubble.

Take the potatoes out of the oven, to the plates, pour the juices from the griddle pan over the fish…..Voila!!!!!!

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