I once proposed to the Vox Hunt that people showed the room in their place which they thought most identified them, and just read that Master's Bitch asked a while ago to see people's desks or work spaces….. I m not sure I have desk pics handy, but I do have what most id's me….. things, thingies, lots of them…. 

so, here is a piece of me:




my bedroom, where I have been trying to bring back my computer for the past two years….

and these were taken in march…the collection grows all the time, changes a bit, moves another bit….


End of march 07 039End of march 07 041

pictures, you ll find pictures, photographs, flyers, records, all over my place….


End of march 07 042End of march 07 043

but my favs are all kind of bijouteries (not jewels, I like shiny things, but what I wear is hardly ever valuable) and boxes….I should phptograph my boxes one day…..


and now I m off to watch Ghost Whisperer…..

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