The banner experience….

….is, when you are, like me, almost 50 years old, started to deal with computers after your 40th birthday, juz coz the email seemed too good to miss (especially when living abroad), and have no techie friends, an eventfull one.

I was very frustrated at first, then discover that frustration can be, indeed, the mother of invention. Then I started to deduct (not sure if there s such an English word). It worked. Not stunning or even well done (especially this last one), but an achievement for someone (anoldbaglady) like me.

So, here are my attempts to be personal in Vox……




Now I ve discover this group (the Vox banners) I ll go read you guys, maybe I can learn something and start producing my very own…..

Oh, it's so great to feel acomplished!!!

Especially after a week like mine….. but I need to go sleep, my charriot has already turned into a pumpkin… :)P

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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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