back in time….

back in time…., originally uploaded by SaritaAndMe.

I m trying (very hard, I swear) to tidy up the cluster of my computer, update pics for my Flickr, thinking veryhard if I wanna return to Fotothing or stay on Flickr (in Fotothing there were many people like me, posting just pics of their kids n stuff, together with the most talented ones…, none seems to care in Flickr, though the pics are viewed…) Most of all, I m trying to decide if I m gonna pay for a pro account….it s not a lot of money, but…well, you know.

And having a look at all these pics makes me realise that I use to take a lot more pics with the cheapo Kodak easy share than with my Nikon…. maybe to do with the fact that the Easy Share fits in my bag, in the car door and none will break into my car to get it, whilst the Nikon…well, you know bout this too…
I reckon I need to buy an external hard drive, wow, I m getting all techie now!
anyway, it's not that I m so much of an exhibitionist (maybe, a bit), I was actually trying here to make an effect with the beads and the colours and light…. but I love the pic…
taken september 2nd 2006 (so it says in the archive!)
boo to my boobies!

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