I am delighted…..

…to be able to say I m going to bed with more than a smile on my face.

Thanks to THIS post, which Master's Bitch (who is, obviously, well trained!) wrote without my knowdlege, and which made me cry tears of joy, Betty took a bit of notice and got me the cheap plumber, who came yesterday morning, therefore my dishwasher is now in full working order. We have just runned our very first wash. Thanks to Master's Bitch, in a big, big way.

Other reasons for my smiling face are a tripp to the cemetery this morning to see Nora's grave, as Sarita and I didnt go the funeral day, I wasnt well enough to drive; a tripp to memory lane in YouTube, which made me go weak on the knees as I had not been for at least 5 years (I'm talking about the sensual/lust/sexual/flirtious kinda weak on the knees, which otherwise are weak 99% of my day) I ll have to write a whole post to talk about the subject of my lust, who has been so (the subject of my lust/dreams) since I was probably 14 years old. There was also my parents phone call (which I should return, I just realised, as we were watching A touch of class, with Glenda Jackson not annoying me as a polititian but amusing with some talent) A phone call from my friend MsGoth, some very fast and gorgeous green lentils stew, and (last but not least) my Vox neighbors.

I do not want to get hooked on sitting in the computer half (or more) of the day, but I have to say it's so great to be able to smile like this.

Now there is something happening right now that maybe turning all my smiles in shouts of anger, as someone, a guy, is insisting in comunicating with me on Skype…. I have asked if I knew him, he said, I'm Steve, how are you, I did decline to share my details, but keeps insisting, so I m off to find out how to get rid of ppl like this!!!!

Hope you all go to sleep with a smile as big as mine tonight.. 🙂

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