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Is like quarter to 1 in the morning here in London, but I couldnt help the need to come to share….we ve just come back from the theatre. We usually take the opportunity to go this time a year, when the Kids Week is on in the UK, basically a phone line booking opens at a date in July, and you can book free tickets for children for major plays, musicals et all in the West End, for every adult paying a kid goes free, and you can book two extra half price kids tickets (in case there are no enough adults for the kids in your family). These are events which otherwise would be absolutely prohibited in price for people like us…..but on top of that, I have the (not sure if I say advantage, actually, I would give anything not to be register disabled, but, you know) *extra* thing, coz of my mobility problems, we get quiet good seats…..

Anyway, if you are in London (or anywhere in the UK) Billy Elliot is a must.

I remember watching the movie a few years back, maybe in 2004, not sure, and being quiet impressed. Sarita couldnt remember seeing it (this was before we upgraded TV, we had a 14' TV which did graciously until middle 2005), so we borrowed the video from Lauren next door, but, as our new Tv doesnt seem to wanna play together with our video, we watched it a few weeks ago in my bedroom, in our dear 14' TV…… and she was equally impressed. Still, just before Kids Week was on, she gave me her preferences (the lines opened at noon last wed, but on experience, 5 minutes later the biggest musicals have no tickets left, so one has to go to the phone with a few options), and her 1st one was Wicked, then Sound of Music, then Billy Elliot and a few others.

The guy whom I got through to book for Wicked was very unreasonable, and insisted in selling me a wheelchair seat (which isnt the bext of views in that theatre) or wanted me to call the normal line (non mobility problems one) and in there the seats were equally bad. I tried for Sound Of Music, no chance. A bit drained of energy, I rung Billy Elliot line (for mobility problems) expecting a rotund I'm sorry, Madam , and getting, instead, a marvelous lady who got me G row tickets… (7th from the stage…) I couldnt believe my luck.

I have to admit I was a bit weary of how they would addapt the political context, which is quiet strong in the movie, how would they translate the dark of nothern country, how could Billy dancing in the streets of Durnham et all could be make to impact on stage…..well: impecable. From song one, I was almost in tears.

The cast, (here, again, I did not think Julie Waters could be mulated, and they greatly pull it off) the lights, the scenography (or set design, I think it s called in English) the music, the dance….everything, each and every minute of this musical I ve enjoyed to the core. It was a long, long time since I was this impressed, emotioned, moved, standing in ovation….

I also had the added benefit (again kudos to the UK government) of my new TaxiCard, a scheme for people with mobility problems which gives you extremely cheap taxi travel, booked either online or on the phone, so I did not have to drive, bother with parking or getting lost in that part of London, and also enjoyed the view (which is marvelous all around Victoria…) London's arquitechture, green areas, the old with the new, all a blessing….  and I'm blessed to be able to enjoy all these… I know I sometimes (well, quiet often in the past few years) would winge about living here, but I want all Brits to know that I am concious of how much the country does for us (though I have paid my more than  fare share on taxes) and I am gratefull for what I have, and I will stop winging now that we have decided to stay…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sarita (bless her..) is sleeping in the sofa, after kicking her boots and saying Thank you mamichula, Thank you So So much!!!!!!!!!! 

These are things I treasure. Music. Theatre. London. My child being happy…. oh… and Pret a Manger mocca coffe and sandwiches….

To all my neighbors and friends, Zillions of thanks for all your comments and messages and mails and support…my Vox family has helped enormously to my (like Sweet Misery would chorus with me) snaity and smiling face….I m gonna crash now, promise to go uptade my readings of your blogs tomorrow!!!!

Nite, nite, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite…..


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