5 Things……


  • I m gratefull for my body does not hurt as much as it did yesterday
  • I am gratefull for not living anywhere else in the world, right now.
  • I am gratefull for every day having everything I want in my fridge and larder.
  • I am gratefull for my legs have not stopped working totally.
  • I am gratefull (and this is the most and constant) for my child, my daughter, the most amazing gift of being a mother, having carried this child 9 months inside me, being able (though a bumpy road) to educate her and, at the same time, being friends.

Now, I would love to be able to say I am gratefull the summer is here…..

I didnt even realised Vox was down, couldnt lift my body from the sofa, all day yesterday.Pain was excrutiaiting, agonizing. Could someone explain why my replaced hip hurts 100 times more than the one which has not been replaced and its crumbling bone?

I feel better today. But if every effort to have a normal life means 36 hours of no movement…..oh dear. I better go sleep. I ll be in a better mood tomorrow 🙂

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