To go or not to go? that is the question….

So I was getting all organized to go to this munch (in case you don't know what it is, a munch is a place where kinky people get together to drink and gossip about each other as much as they can).

The letter I' ve got from this kid, Tenny, moved my heart, I never thought I had meant so much to this girl, and she moved away from London after marrying the guy I so carefully guided her to.. (I seem to do that to all my women….I'm sure there should be a shrink somewhere now analyzing that, I rather not). So Tenny has called everyone in the scene searching for me, and as I have disappeared from the scene for now over 2 years, the message took some time to reach me.

I also knew Mythy is over from the US (this one a true NorthAmerican, but who runned the London munch marvelously in my times, and has also been in touch on and off, allways with a good word to me…) so that was an incentive too.

Thing is, see, last night I was in so much pain, after the Tesco adventure, that I had to take Tramadols at 10pm. And Tramadols keep me awake. Weird fact, as it s an opiate (I cannot forget my GP's face when I asked her if the Tramadol had some amphetamine component, as I was wide awake if I took them late….(she knows I'm medically knowdlegeable) and her saying that it was coz they take my pain away, then my brain doesnt wanna go sleep), but still, I was online till late, I read in bed till even later, that would be past 6 am.

I did not get much sleep.

And then Cheeky, the Chef who know is a Dom, called. I, of course, asked him to call later, but could not go back to sleep. This would' ve been at 10:30 maybe 11. I mailed you, he said.

So I went into the site where all of them mail me, the informed consent.

His mail said: -" I' ve been calling you all week!!! where were you? blah blah blah I m going to the munch, call me"- , and his number.

This prompted a reply from YoursTrully:


Oh well…..excuse me if I was in and out of hospital and could not be here to take *Thy* calls…. I have answer phone, you know? some lil recording thingy machine where one can leave messages?


I am only going coz this kid has been looking for me like mad, mailed me something that would've melted the icerberg before the Titanic hit it, and Mythy was a friend, and they both got in touch with G specially to ask for my presence.

If you wanna know the truth, it hurts even to get my pijamas on, let alone make myself half decent to be seen by these people, who would love to be able to gossip about me.

On the other hand I havent got a blinding penny to spend, and I had the *bright* idea to ask the kid who is working for me (and is utterly brain damaged) to come to help, and I'm not sure (or maybe I am) it ll be of any help

I had very lil sleep last night, so you' ll excuse my tantrums too.

If you can give us a lift, I m using Sarita's mobile xxxxxxxxxx  (though it was MY phone which got stollen, I had to buy her a funky mobile with camera, bluetooth, mp3 player and what have you, such the joys of bringing up a child in the 21st century…..)

or, if I'm in the shower, you can call xxxxxx which has the answer machine. Otherwise, I ll be there around 7:30 or 8, counting with the help of the Olympus' s Gods (or should I say the TaxiCard Scheme for the crippled like us)

so, either way, see you later.

I am not so sure anymore. About going. Together with that mail from Cheeky I got some very curt mail from 3 people whom I had given everything when we were out together and laughing, when I was the Queen of Whips and would smack away to the sounds of Annie's Tommorrow, (which never failed to torture). That made me see the superficiality and hypocresy of it all, all over again.

So, in one hand, I know I should get out and have a drink once in a while. I havent been out since Carina went back to Brazil, but the thought of making an effort to get to the city and put a smile to people I m not sure I wanna be smiling to…. dunno.

I'm not writing this to get an answer. I just needed to get it out of my system, things allways work better this way.

 I ll be back later, prolly with my 5 things I ll be gratefull for. Now I just need to think and make a desition, I have to drive Sarita to Liz's anyway….




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