A trip to my childhood, with my child. (about the net, lack of creativity and other issues)

…..and again thanks to the Master's Bitch , who indicated earlier that the validation mail could be in the spam folder. Why I never think of these little details, will never know. But anyway….

We wanted to watch HairSpray, as when the girls came up with wanting to go to the cinema to see it, I suggested we watch the old version first,mentioning Ricki Lake. I myself had not seen it at the time, but remember Sarita's dad bringing the issue every time la Lake was on tele with her chat show. These kind of things (remakes of everything from songs to cinema through theatre and every other possible forms of art) usually make me angry as to me, it's a testimony to the fact that there isn't much creativity left in the world….. but I'm not gonna go into a discussion about that right now, as we had a very pleasant, beautifull day, and I will NOT ruin the feeling I have about it, as my body in extreme pain has been trying to do that already.

So we did. Watch HairSpray. Only it was at Google movies, as I didnt get MB's comment till later, so I reccurred to the supposition that, if by pressing a button here I can get any video, from any culture, at any time, there had to be other sites. It was great, though spread into 9 parts, it was still easy to find the sequels, the quality was good, we had a laugh.

Then I had this idea. I had, since Sarita turned 8 years old, tried to find this movie I remember watching (and falling in love with) when I was about 11 (her age now). The movie had soundtrack from the BeeGees, one last song by Crosby, Still, Nash & Young (who were my Gods at the time) and I was given the record (vinyl, as this was 1971) for my birthday and my parents (probably suffering) had to take me more than 5 times to the cinema…. that was the way then…no videos, no DVDs, the cinema.

I asked Wokka, some time over a year ago, to see if he could find it on Ebay for me. He came with the answer that I could buy it, from Japan, and it was £20. I'm not sure if he just said that to get me of his back or really was the case, but I could not (and would not) pay that kinda money for a video. So today, after HairSpray and finsing the validation mail, I went to the nabolister site and… eureka!

The first link wouldnt work, but the second did.

Melody  maybe isn't a movie to make a lot of fuss (though is an Alan Parker,and some photography is mind blowing, at least to me) , but to me, at the time, it was big part of my inspiration to travel, to music, part of growing up and starting to think for myself. One funny thing was, I had a memory of the movie happening in New York, for some strange reason, and when it starts, and one sees so typical landmarks and daily London things…..I was taken by the thought that hunts me sometimes….. is our destiny written in some way? I had never, ever, not for all the gold in the world, had thought I would end up in England….still, one of my very first inspirational sights as a kid was London…..

We had a good laugh, and to me, every song, every minute of it was a feeling of some acomplishment, together with the mothering feeling which is something I have never found words to describe.

So, to keep up with my commitment with Simple Abundance , my most recent group, I would have to say :

  • that I'm gratefull for the internet, though I sometimes find it a cruel weapon, gratefull for it allows me to share with my daughter things that are precious to me, at a very low cost.
  • that I'm gratefull for not having to move out of my place all day, therefore enjoying all these treasures with minimum stress.
  • that I'm gratefull for the Tens Unit the hospital gave me, for this device helps when the pain, like today, gets into agonysing levels.
  • that I'm gratefull for Skype, for it allowed us to share all the feeling with my dad today, again at minimum cost, and brought me tears of joy.
  • that I'm gratefull for my daughter actually liking to spend the whole day, even when the sun is out, indoors, with her mum (that would be me), who not only gets a bit grumpy but also some days, like today, wont like the company of other teens in the flat (though that isn't a comon occurence, our place is like the meeting point usually).

As I said, we had a good laugh, a good day. I cant describe the feeling of sharing my childhhood stuff with my child, but I can say, it's good, and that, my friends, at this very moment, when my body is wanting to give up, is majorly appreciated…………….    🙂

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