Feeling good….

…right now. Just dying to go to bed, but I thought I come quickly (or at least try to be quick) to update. There s also the fact that I still have to take another lot of pils at like 9pm, and my tiredness doesnt reach my brain…..


Coz of my going to the munch, I lost an episode of Criminal Minds, so I decided to catch up, after talking to my friend Jackie (tabbi), whom I met at the munch after 2 years …. and after Criminal minds, there CSI Miami….and you ppl can say wotever you want about David Carusso…but I like the guy. I like even more the photography of all CSI's….and together with this music, the fact that I have seem so many people on friday I havent seen for years, and that there may be something romantic (well, at least lustic, I would say) in my near future…. I will write as events unfold. Her name is Theda Vamp. I knew there was a spark when we met a couple of years ago and then again last year, but there was Carina in the picture, but also I know that she had a few more drinks than I did on friday ev….so, we ll see.

now, regarding this song, the mad, mad world, I know you young (and maybe not so young too) guys will prolly think I'm a bit behind in discovering these stuff, but….anyway, I knew the song, but till very recently (since the marvelous Goddess showed me Pearl and I have never since stopped laughing ) I didnt make an habit of looking in YouTube. I find also this:


….I hope I got it right and didnt post the same video twice.

There was an incident with our upstairs neighbor last night. Or maybe I should say the end of the incident which started a few weeks ago, when she was in her mood changes. I have said this before, when I wrote about her reactions to cats and her reactions to people. I think it was the Goddess herself  who said she may be Bipolar…..(or maybe was someone else, dunno, as I maybe suffering from old age memory loss)…. well, she may be. Bipolar, MS sufferer, grumpy, Irish, jelous of her husband (whom I wouldnt have even if I was given 2 million pounds ) wotever. Anyway. When I (we) came back from picking Sarita up from the barbecue and sleepover at LIz's, we found an envelope which was thrown through the letter box. The envelope contained my set of keys and the list of phone numbers I gave her when Nora died, in case anything happened to me, they could call my parents or my family or even Betty who would be probably the one who would organize to get Sarita overseas. It also contained a letter telling me that I would not close the door in her face anymore blah blah blah blah, that she didnt know why I was pissed off with her and blah blah blah….

When she came to tell me to open my balcony door as my cat was outside locked out and her cat was going bananas, I said -Yes, fine- and, as I was closing the door, she asked me if I was allright, I said no (as I wasnt!) and close the door, saying dont worry, I ll get better, as I allways do.

Thing is, see, Carly Simon said it so well: 


You are so vain, you think the bloody world revolves around you….. I was not happy with her but as much as I was not happy with the rest of my neighbors.  They expect you to turn your music down, but they can drill and bang their doors at any time in the wee ours of the morning….  ok, that s it for neighbors. I m also really p****d off with Lauren and all the next door kids, Nora's children, who seemed to have forgoten that we have treated them like our own and now dont even say hello. Oh well. I allways say to Sarita, it s me and you, you and me. I may start to make a move to see if I can get a house swap, maybe get a real house with a garden, and a proper kitchen, and the doorways will be big enough to have a scooter indoors…why not…?




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